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Oct 4, 2012 4:00pm PDT
this year. >> and there is a class action suit claims the fee is a tax and should require a two thirds vote from the legislature, governor brown calls it a fee to help with the budget deficit. >> and a group of people in the south bay is urging google to remove a video clip from you tube related to a film that is sparking violence around the globe. >> happening now in sharp contrast to violent protests around the world this peaceful demonstration in santa clara denounces an antiislam film made in the united states. these protestors are upset with google decision not to remove a video clip available on you tube. the crude film titled "innocence of muslims" angered many, triggering deadly violence. these mothers say they support freedom of expression, but not what they consider hurtful bullying its not okay to tease and if it's deliberate and provocative, it borders on faith based bullying, boy say. >> they say do are just hoping google reconsiders a plea to take down the clip. >> officials are investigating allegations of anti-semitism in the university of california berkeley claiming offici
Oct 8, 2012 4:00pm PDT
have to have insurance, have you to buy insurance or pay for it. when you pay when you file income tax. that is going through irs. >> interesting. >> this comes from diane. she asks i was wondering when mobile carriers going to deactivate stolen phone autos they've been working on a plan that if someone steels your phone they won't be able to use your phone. verizon is doing thchl they turn off the phone. the phone cannot be used on any carrier by october 31 every other carrier will be in on this. and so if stolen, it's inoperable in america. >> and marilyn asked i was in the gap and they were not charging for bags and giving out plastic bags to customers. are they exempt? >> no. and here is the basic rule for the new bag ban. they must charge 10 cents if they give you a bag. you're not allowed to have plastic so you're down to compostable bag that's look plastic and then, paper bags, both they must charge a dime. and the only people or businesses that are exempt are restaurants. right now they are allowed to give you a bag so think in terms of a dried up restaurant. what would you do?
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2